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Club Rules


Competition Dates

Contests are held on the first Sunday of each month, starting from February through to December. Naturally, conditions vary and may result in the contest being postponed to the following Sunday. However, if the conditions are not surfable on the second Sunday, the comp will be voided for that month.


Start Times

Set up will be at 7:30am and the first heat will be in the water at 8:00am



The day consists of two rounds. The first round being an open round, where all competitors are randomly placed into heats of up to 6 surfers. The second round consists of all surfers who placed the same in the first round competing against each other.


Heat Times and Flags

Each heat is 25 minutes long. The start of a heat is denoted by a Green flag. The Green flag indicates that the heat is underway and any wave you catch will be scored. The Orange flag indicates that only 5 minutes remain of your heat. For those out of the water, this means you have 5 minutes before your heat starts and can make your way into the water. The Red Flag indicates the end of your heat, any wave you catch whilst the red flag is up will not be scored. Then, a Green flag will indicate the start of the next heat.



All members are expected to judge the heat that is two heats before they surf. The judging criteria can be found on the judging sheets and should serve as a guide for scoring any waves ridden. Any members who are unfamiliar with the judging process can ask the head judge for a basic rundown.


Board Requirements

The only requirement is the board is to be 9ft and above. Any fin combination is fine. Single, thruster, etc.

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